Chris Durban

Chris Durban is a freelance translator (French to English) based in Paris, where she specializes in publication-level texts for demanding clients—the shareholders, customers, and partners of a range of French corporations and institutions. For years she coauthored the Fire Ant & Worker Bee advice column in Translation Journal. In 2010 she published an updated and revised compilation of FA&WB columns in book form as The Prosperous Translator. In 2014 she contributed to 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know, published by WLF.
Chris regularly gives lectures/workshops on specialization and working with direct clients, and has published many articles. Most emphasize the benefits that accrue to translators and clients alike when linguists take a proactive approach. For examples, see here and here. She is also an instructor on courses designed to improve translators’ mastery of their craft, most recently at Translate in Quebec/On traduit à Quebec.
Chris is the author of Translation, Getting it Right, a 30-page guide for translation buyers published in the UK by ITI, and currently available in seventeen languages. Over 220,000 paper copies have been distributed worldwide. Its companion piece Interpreting, Getting it Right is available in six languages. She is coauthor of Translation — Buying a non-commodity, currently available in English, French and German. Every two years, she co-organizes the Société française des traducteurs Université d’été de la traduction financière, a three-day training event especially for financial translators. She is also an instructor in the seminar series “Translate in”.
Chris is a member of ATA and SFT, and a fellow of ITI (UK). A past president of SFT, she was awarded ATA’s Gode Medal in 2001.

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