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    julio 31, 2017

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Way Out – A survivor’s guide to translating signs

Sábado 25 de noviembre, 10:00 a 12:30 horas.
Salón E

Descripción: Signs—they’re everywhere, and in many cases we’d literally be lost without them.
But the messages they relay go well beyond wayfinding. Think warnings, guidance, identification and information, from simple to complex.
When the target audience is international or multilingual, new challenges arise.
Icons are a tempting option, but the more complex the message, the more words will creep back in, and with them critical questions. Which language(s)? Which core information and vocabulary? Pare down or beef up? And the biggest question of all: which formulation will relay the essential information most effectively? Lives may hang on the answer.
In this workshop, we’ll look briefly at the basics of good signage and examine a few
examples—successful and not so successful. We’ll then roll up our sleeves and translate a series of signs with vital importance for an international client’s brief and end the session by comparing versions from one language to the next.

Chris Durban

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