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    julio 31, 2017

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Raise the bar by asking—and answering—questions

Sábado 25 de noviembre, 16:30 a 17:20 horas.
Salón de profesionales.

Often translators keep their questions on source texts in the (Translatorland) family by posting queries on listserves and Facebook groups read only by fellow linguists.
While the outpouring of generous responses is heart-warming, what if these earnest queries were addressed to clients—directly?
This presentation examines how a proactive approach to bringing customers into the process pays off at all levels: quality, budget and intellectual satisfaction.
We’ll examine first why translators are so reluctant to engage—and what this means for their practice. We’ll then look at how to structure interactions for maximum impact, including timing and phrasing. Finally, we’ll step back and review how to initiate these vital exchanges, how to promote them, and how to follow up, with examples and concrete suggestions.
Bottom line: demanding clients are an expert translator’s best allies. But if they don’t understand what we do and we don’t bring them into the process, everyone loses out.

Chris Durban

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